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partnership approach based on integrity
underpins all of our relationships

About us

Our core expertise is management and financial consultancy. Our consultants have extensive experience in delivering change to a broad client base ranging from major financial institutions to small not for profit organisations and start-up businesses. We strongly believe that this diversity of work has a universal benefit for all organisations we work with.

Our values and vision

We have a fundamental belief in honesty, transparency and practical thinking. We believe this is the foundation for establishing a reputation as a trusted long term partner for our clients. We are unreservedly committed to our independence. The advice we give is impartial, in this way we can ensure that our clients’ interests remain paramount at all times.

What makes us different

We believe that people are the critical ingredient in every successful transformation. Our highly regarded consultants at pdb have used their breadth of experience to work across business units, products and organisational boundaries to deliver benefit to organisations across the globe. The service we offer is bespoke and individual to each client’s needs. We believe in a flexible and collaborative approach to ensure that our consultants always enhance the effectiveness of the client team.